May Louise DITTEL



Ines is a French-Morrocan undergraduate student of Social Sciences at SciencesPo Paris, Asian campus of Le Havre. Within the field her interest focuses on International relations, sociology and diplomacy. Apart from her obvious passion for debates and public speaking, Ines is also a foodie and a non-certified chef. Her MUN journey started in High school when she attended several conferences both in Morocco and Europe. Even though she enjoys beeing a delegate or a chair, she will try her best with the rest of the team to organize LHIMUN 2019 as it is her first experience as a secretary general. Ines is excited to organize LHIMUN in a city she considers to be a second home now. She cannot wait to welcome all delegates to what she promises would be a memorable conference.

May is a second-year student in the Dual BA Program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. While originally from Germany, she has lived in the US, China and Abu Dhabi. She has participated in more than 10 MUNs internationally as both delegate and as chair. While she may be busy planning LHIMUN 2019, she also enjoys doing lots of sports and advocating for feminist causes.

Jiya is a second-year student, pursuing the Politics & Government major at Sciences Po Paris’s Undergraduate program in Le Havre. Over the past five years, she has participated in over 15 conferences across India and abroad. She served as the Secretary General for her high school’s Model UN conference in 2017. Aside from Model UN, she particularly enjoys engaging in controversial political discussions and binge watching period dramas.


Humphrey HAN and Regina ELIS WAN

Humphrey is a second-year student in the Dual BA Programme between SciencesPo and University of British Columbia. Despite coming from a Chinese origin, he has also lived and studied abroad, namely in the United States and Canada. During his MUN career starting from junior high, he has participated in more than 20 conferences as delegates, chairs and secretariats both nationally and globally. He served as Director-General in his IBDP year for his high school’s MUN association and President for the student council. Besides MUN, he is dedicated in researching contemporary Chinese politics and foreign policy, and he is more than happy to discuss this with all enthusiastic MUNers!

Regina is a first-year student hailing from Malaysia. She has been a Model UN participant for the last three years, being involved as either a chair or a delegate in over 8 conferences. When she is free, she enjoys listening to music and watching documentaries about anything under the sun.


Tiffany CHANG and To Minh SON

Tiffany is a second-year student in the dual degree program between Sciences Po and the University of British Columbia. An avid MUN participant for the past 6 years, Tiffany has been a delegate or staff member at over 10 conferences. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys listening to podcasts, especially ones about true crime and politics.

Son is a rising Politics & Government major at Sciences Po Undergraduate College. Having engaged with Model UN in multiple positions for the past 4 years, as delegates or Secretary General, Son knows well the rewards of the activity, but also the stringent requirements to reap them. With his history in the emerging Model UN Community in Vietnam, Son looks forward to new experiences beyond his country. Outside of Model UN, Son can be found frequently flustered at his studies with audible exasperation, despite his vocal affirmation of his enjoyment of academics. Interested in anything social science, Son can be a good conversationalist or debater once engaged, though maybe too much (or too little) at certain times.


Charlotte BOULANGER and Jon SONG

Charlotte is a second-year student majoring in History as part of the dual degree between Sciences Po and the National University of Singapore. Although she would rather not be at the forefront of things, she loves to help in the organisation of key events such as her high school's local MUN. A music and language lover as well as a dedicated reader, Charlotte is also passionate about gender studies, cultural preservation and education.

Jon is a second-year student majoring in political government. He has played MUN for 4 years in his own nation. He is willing to help with LHIMUN 2019 and those who wish to participate in LHIMUN. 

Enjoy yourself in LHIMUN. Learn things, make friends and have fun!



Shivani is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Political Humanities. With over 10 conferences under her belt as either delegate, chair or staff, she is excited to contribute to the organisation of LHIMUN 2019. While she is not sipping coffee, netflixing or browsing indie playlists on spotify, she loves writing about current affairs, watching political podcasts and movies! Shivani does have a rather characteristically loud voice though, so don’t hold that against her she won’t bite!