Meet the

Under Secretary Generals:

Zineb Belhadj

USG of Delegate affairs

Zineb Belhadj is a second-year student at Sciences Po, Le Havre campus. As a Moroccan who studied in the French system her entire life, she has an interesting perspective as an international student familiar with the French education system. As depicted by her major, Politics and Government, Zineb is particularly interested in law and international relations. She wishes to become an international actor of change, aiming at bettering education in the world.


As head of the Delegate Affairs branch, she wants to ensure that delegates will enjoy their experiences at the LHIMUN’22 to the fullest.


Devraj Singhania

USG of Committee affairs

Devraj Singhania is a second year undergraduate student at Sciences Po, currently pursuing the Politics and Government Major. He has participated in, chaired and organised numerous Model United Nations conferences throughout his academic career. He takes interest in public policy, law and climate policy and hopes to apply his skills honed during his experiences to positively contribute to these disciplines. 


He coordinates and organises all tasks directly relevant to committees for LHIMUN and aims to ensure the best diplomatic experience for delegates.


Laura Choi

USG of Communication

Laura is a first-year student with the DUAL BA with the University of British Columbia and the Euro-Asia Programme at Sciences Po.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, yet raised in Vancouver, Canada since the ripe age of one year old. Now holding her Korean heritage and Canadian passport, she had always been passionate about international relations and diplomacy; however, through a myriad of Model UN experiences of “delegate decorums” and invigorating debates, she has only solidified her passion.

Toàn Oswald

USG of Finance

Toàn is a freshman at Sciences Po's Europe-Asia Campus and at the National University of Singapore's College. Experienced in the field of Model United Nations, he is the founder and Secretary-General of Marseille's first large-scale regional and cross-high-schools MUN, MarsMUN, which gathered about 200 students from more than 14 high schools.


Committed to the success of LHIMUN 2022 as Under-Secretary-General for Finance, he seeks to make every event he takes part in to be accessible for all.

Taiga Yamada

USG of Technology

Taiga Yamada is a second-year student in Keio-Sciences Po double degree program. Living in Japan, then the United States, and now in Le Havre, he loves exploring and adapting to the unfamiliar. In the future, he hopes to apply his international experience and curious spirit in the field of consulting. Always fascinated by the frontier of information technology, he spends all his free time experimenting with programming and data visualization.

As the Under-Secretary-General of the technology pole, he works tirelessly to ensure an exciting and fruitful conference for everyone participating in LHIMUN.


Jiani Meng

USG of Logistics

Jiani Meng is a second year student in Sciences Po Campus du Havre. She was born and raised in Beijing, a city that gave her both a cultural heritage that she takes pride in and a vision for the international world. In her first year of high school, she had made her first encounter with MUN, and was soon highly involved. During her high school years, she was the Secretariat member of many MUN conferences, which prepared her for the planning and organization of an MUN conference.


As the USG of the logistics pole, she is committed to offer the delegates a memorable experience at LHIMUN. As what she has always believed, a MUN should be held with warmth.


Ariane Perrin

USG of Outreach

Ariane Perrin is a second-year student at Sciences Po, Le Havre campus. She is French but grew up in Thailand and Malaysia. Growing up in a country where three major ethnic groups coexist, despite great cultural differences, has been an enriching experience helping her become the person she is today and developed her interest for the region. Later, she would like to work as a political mediator in Southeast Asia.


As the Head of the Outreach pole, she hopes that your conference will go as good as possible and wish to make LHIMUN a very special memory for you !