Logistics Pole

The logistics pole of the LHIMUN takes on the responsibility of organizing meals, accommodation, social events as well as preparing all the MUN essentials for the delegates and dais members. Fully prepared and greatly motivated, the team aims at bringing the delegates a wonderful MUN experience that is perfect to the details.

Finance Pole

Money. This is what the Finance Pole deals with to promote an open-to-all conference, where ideas, initiatives and events, as well as all model artifacts and goods, are never limited by a lack of funds, crucial keys to the organization of fruitful debates and social events. The team relentlessly engages to conclude meaningful collaboration with locally involved partners and sponsors.


Delegate Affairs Pole

The Delegates Affairs Pole aims at ensuring the best experience for all the delegates who will participate in the LHIMUN’22. Its main role is to manage applications, selection and registrations of delegates, so as to allow for the best match between delegates and the different committees according to their wants, needs and experiences. The Delegates Affairs Pole will also be present to ensure smooth communication with delegates prior to the conference, to ensure that delegates receive all the necessary information so that they enjoy a smooth and fulfilling experience at LHIMUN’22.

Communications Pole

The Communications team at LHIMUN takes on the promotional and informational role in showing potential delegates, staff members and partners what diplomacy in Model UN is all about. Priding ourselves on our photography, videography, content-creation and social abilities, the Communications pole is sure to bring the LHIMUN conference experience to you and make sure you are kept up to date on all information!

Committee Affairs Pole

Committees naturally form the core of a MUN conference. Everything to do with shaping them from their name, size or agenda to ensuring their smooth functioning during the conference is the responsibility of the Committee Affairs pole. Every committee has a member of the pole responsible for its specific management. The Committee Affairs pole forms the primary reference point for any coordination that directly affects a committee and aims to provide a productive educational experience to the delegates and executive members of all committees at LHIMUN’22.

Technology Pole

From this website to the registration of delegates, where information technology intersects with our conference, the technology pole is behind its magic. The pole coordinates with every other part of the organization team to ensure the electronic side of the LHIMUN is arranged smoothly.
Adept and passionate in both information technology and model united states, the Technology pole drives to digitally empower the organization team, the delegates, and the chairs of the conference.


Outreach Pole

The Outreach team is in charge of attracting schools and delegations to the conferences held by LHIMUN. They are also in charge communication with the schools and sending the forms.

Pleasant, polite, communicative and charming, our outreach team is here to answer any question about LHIMUN and to inform you on the procedures !