The Secretariat

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Malavika Kannan

Secretary General

Malavika is a second-year student of the Sciences Po - University of British Columbia Dual Degree Program and is passionate about any form of History she can lay her hands on (trust us, she can talk to you for hours about it with no sleep). Although she looks like a model skeleton stolen from the biology lab,  she packs quite a punch and has boundless energy when it comes to organising and planning events. Having an impressive MUN career spanning over six years now and serving in various positions of the Executive Board and Secretariat, Malavika is keen on making LHIMUN 2022 a well-rounded experience for delegates and chairs from various countries. 

Apart from event management and designing, she is a trained Indian classical singer and also performs all kind of music, her favourite being rock. However in the evenings, you will find her unleash the South Indian in her and cook spicy food “for the soul.” 

As Secretary General, Malavika oversees the activities of all the poles, plans the conference with the Under Secretary Generals as well as the administration and ensures that the teams remain coordinated towards the common vision to give you the best possible experience this April.

Alexandra Anghel

Director General

Alexandra is second year student with an MUN history dating back to 2017, when she joined an EcoSoc committee by chance (and against her will). Ironically so, a few years later, she would find herself (again) part of a Secretariat, whilst pursuing the Economics and Society major at Sciences Po. 

As Director General, Alexandra is mainly involved with finance and administrative issues, thus working collaboratively with most organisational poles, and ensuring that visions can actually be put into practice. 

When not buried in Economics problem sets, she can usually be found reading, curating playlists, or looking for discounts on virtually any black piece of clothing she sets eyes on.

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Mason Leung

Deputy Secretary General

Born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in the UK and now in his second year of the dual degree programme with Columbia University, Mason is proud to consider his international background decidedly average for a Sciences Po student.

It is this international spirit that Mason hopes to leverage at LHIMUN, bringing together talented social science students from a wide range of backgrounds to craft innovative policy solutions backed by a world-class education. 

Mason draws on his organisational experience leading the student association for academics, pre-professional and current affairs on campus. In his free time he can often be found sitting by the window nursing a warm mug of apple cider. 

Mason’s work focuses on academic operations, coordinating conference design to ensure the LHIMUN experience can be fully enjoyed by delegates of the highest calibre, regardless of experience. Special care is taken to balance a wide variety of topics across skill levels, ensuring that all stakeholders involved will have ample opportunity to be actively engaged.