Honourable Chairs, Esteemed Delegates and Guests,


It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd edition of the Le Havre International Model United Nations, held completely online due to these unprecedented circumstances. As a Model United Nations conference, LHIMUN hopes to bring together a community of engaged, concerned, and involved youth. With your support, LHIMUN will continue to provide an enriching Model United Nations experience for years to come.


This year’s conference theme is “Acta non Verba: crisis management during the pandemic”. We chose this issue as it is one of the most relevant in today’s International Relations regarding the challenges that the pandemic poses in an interconnected world. Indeed, the Covid-19 crisis highlights and exacerbates global tensions and challenges. The aim of this conference will therefore be to address and analyse them by taking into account the current health context. We therefore propose 6 committees aiming to address the different conflicts in the world in light of the pandemic. Delegates, representing coming generations, bear the responsibility of determining the course of their futures. We think that providing an opportunity for students to experience the importance of the UN but also its increasing difficulties to tackle growing tensions and conflicts will allow them to better understand the reality of International Relations.   


We are facing extraordinary circumstances as the COVID-19 pandemic tests the resilience and adaptability of the global community. Hence, we have decided that the LHIMUN 2021 conference will be held completely online on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February. We are all committed to giving you the opportunity to experience all a MUN conference has to offer. We hope for you to have a memorable debating experience, make new interesting friends and keep this conference as an unforgettable one in your mind.


On behalf of LHIMUN 2021’s executive team, I am wishing all of you the best for this year's conference,


Philippe Provost


Secretary-General of LHIMUN 2021